A day in Malibu: Getty Villa

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It’s been few weeks since I last posted anything.. school has left me swamped with the upcoming final projects and exams that are due within two weeks! It left me feeling uninspired to write. I definitely give props to other bloggers & writers who are constantly posting new content that’s a drive I wish to acquire. Consistency is key.. it made me realize I needed to go out. Yes! That meant putting on real clothes lol. I’ve been couped up in my room all week it was time to get some fresh air. ‘Twas beautiful sunny day in L.A. when me and my friends went over to Malibu, Getty Villa on Black Friday. Surprisingly, traffic was not bad at all for once in Los Angeles! People were still recovering from Thanksgiving shenanigans hehe..

The Getty Villa is home to the J. Paul Getty Museum’s antiquities collection. Here you’ll find art from the ancient Greek and Roman world dating from 6,500 B.C. to A.D. 400. The galleries are arranged by theme and include Gods and Goddesses, Dionysos and the Theater, and stories of the Trojan War, among others. Seen here: Atheletes and Competition Gallery. It was fascinating to see how small some artifacts such as the bowls, plates, cups which, made me notice humans long ago were so tiny. It’s exciting to connect what you read in the books to past history of Greek and Roman culture. I recently took a Mythology class which is filled with Greek gods & goddess and famous story of Troy. It was truly a delight to see the art and architecture that resembles the bronze age. You may even notice in the picture of ‘East Garden’ there’s no water in the pool. Sadly, it’s because of California drought but the scenery was still mesmerizing.

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On the exciting news, I will be traveling to Philippines right after finals in December. I’m truly exhilarated to start a new series ‘Mads on the Go’ where I take you along with me overseas. It’s my first solo adventure trip to my home country. I’ll  save all the good stuff for later.. You’ll just have to sit tight! However, in other news if you live in L.A. and, you haven’t already checked out Getty Villa Museum make sure to go! I called ahead of time since I planned to go on Black Friday.. I didn’t want any surprises. The ladies in customer service are super helpful made the whole booking easy on me which is huge thumbs up! Getty Villa is open Wednesdays until Monday closed on Tuesdays.

Before I wrapped up the month, I wanted to share my November playlist: The Weeknd’s new album Starboy. I’m completely in love with the album. My favorite songs are True Colors, Secret, Party Monster, and many more.

 I’ll see you all next month.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Stay tune for my upcoming new series. ♥

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