February Self-Love Challenge

Can you just smell the love in the air? It’s that time of the year again… Hello, February the month of love and, we all know what coming for us. Valentine’s day! Make sure to mark that on your calendar if you have not already to save you some trouble from your partner. One of my fondest memories of Valentine’s day was being everyone’s valentine in elementary. Plus, all the free candies and chocolate as if it was Halloween all over again. But, now as we get older we either love or dread the day that’s about to come. To all my single friends out there it’s probably a constant reminder that we are alone. However, it’s a chance for us to treat ourselves! This year I’ve decided to challenge myself to a 28-day self-love. It’s also important to show love yourself as much as loving someone else. What a better way to celebrate this month by celebrating us. There’s no need for a willy-wally parties. So, I googled “February Self-Love Challenge” came across a website called thefemmeinist.com. Unfortunately, the website has expired hopefully, it will be back up and running. Luckily, I saved the list before it was too late. I am so excited to begin this challenge with everyone! I will be sharing my posts on my social media @madsradmvmt with the hashtag #FebSelfLoveChallenge. Remember to share your acts as well so we can see each other’s content!

  1. Share a selfie featuring a part of your body you’ve always loved
  2. Treat your body to something nice (have a bubble bath, use your favorite lotion, get a new chapstick, etc.)
  3. Write yourself a love letter
  4. Share a quote that encourages you
  5. Make or update a vision board (or if you’re short on time, jot down a few hopes and dreams for the year)
  6. Do a favorite activity you haven’t made time for in a while
  7. Share a selfie featuring a part of your body you’re trying to embrace
  8. Make plans with your pals to celebrate each other soon
  9. Pick an affirmation and say it aloud to yourself
  10. Share a picture of you doing something you’re gifted at
  11. Display a compliment somewhere we’ll you’ll see it regularly (I like to write compliments on my mirror in dry-erase marker)
  12. Enjoy a delicious treat, guilt-free
  13. Share a picture of you and someone in your life who uplifts and empowers you
  14. Give yourself a Valentine
  15. Let yourself rest; you deserve a break
  16. Share a fictional character that reminds you of yourself
  17. Share a picture of a place or a space in your home that makes you happy
  18. Visit a body positive blog and share a post that speaks to you.
  19. Share a picture of you doing something you love
  20. Try to forgive yourself for something (i.e. for a flaw or mistake, for not being perfect)
  21. Eat a meal you really enjoy
  22. Share a recent accomplishment you’re proud of (big or small, it’s still exciting!)
  23. Share a selfie in an outfit that makes you feel confident & beautiful
  24. Write down three of your non-physical traits that you love
  25. Write down three of your physical features that you love
  26. Use one of these ten easy ways to boost your mood
  27. Share a song that makes you smile
  28. Do something relaxing (watch a movie, cuddle with a pet, take a walk, etc.)
  29. Give yourself a small gift



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