Flights from Toronto to Kuala Lumpar

Eco Tourism in Malaysia

Travelling the world has always been a way of demonstrating a person’s desire to absorb and learn from new cultures. You come away from visiting a foreign place filled with new ideas, a different perspective on life and, hopefully, a better person than when you left.

But with the widespread affordability of cheap flights and tourist driven resorts, it seems that many people have forgotten what travelling should be for.

Seeing the world could be so much more than taking snaps of your food, frequenting foreign shopping malls and coming home with a tan. Imagine coming back having added something to the place that you have visited? Having helped to preserve the habitats you admire?

Malaysia has a megadiverse ecology, meaning that it has one of the world’s largest ranges of different plants and animals. It’s essential to preserve this diversity, so an eco-tourism holiday to Malaysia is not only full of spectacular experiences, it can help preserve different species and habitats for the future.

See Irrawaddy dolphins in Santubong and Butal, Sarawak

Charismatic and eccentric, the Irrawaddy dolphin is a popular species for aquariums due to their exciting behaviour, like water spitting, spyhopping and flukeslapping. But why not support the wildlife and visit these dolphins in their natural habitat?

Dolphin watching tours are held in Santubong and Butal from April to November where you can see these happy creatures swim free in schools of 30 or so. Cruising along the mangroves, with dolphins at your side and monkeys on the shore – this has to be one of the most enjoyable ways to help protect a species.

Mulu Caves Natural Park, Sarawak

Have you ever witnessed millions of bats leaving their daytime roost to take into the twilight sky? At the Mulu Caves you could see just that, with the fondly named ‘Bat Exodus’ happening every night. Twelve different species of bats live in the Mulu Caves and leave each evening, spiralling into the sky, to consume their nightly fill of insects.

The caves themselves are a natural wonder – 40 Boeing 747 planes could fit into the largest of these caves five times over. Large enough to make Bruce Wayne blush!

Royal Belum State Park, Perak

If bats and sea creatures aren’t your thing, you should take the chance to see two of the world’s most endangered mammals thrive in their natural habitat. The Royal Belum State Park is home to the Sumatran Rhinoceros and the Malayan tiger.

So, apply for a permit to visit this protected rainforest and stay at the overnight observation hide to help support this virgin ecosystem.

Taman Negara

The world’s oldest rainforest is the ecotourism spot for all you adventurers out there. Dark, damp and ready to explore by trek or boat; there are giant trees with buttressed roots, the world’s largest flower (the giant rafflesia) and a diverse range of animals and insects.

Buy a permit, stay a night or two in the forest and you can help protect this vibrant wilderness.

Once you’ve discovered the natural wonders that Malaysia offers, the temptation could be to immediately buy a flight from Toronto to Kuala Lumpur – but it’s worth doing your research. To truly bring the most benefit to these incredible habitats, make sure that you take verified tours through these spots and give yourself the time to truly enjoy the trip.

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