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Madsrad Movement 

A journey of becoming an infinite creation creator.


As I’ve explored the creating living of becoming a blogger, it’s definitely been tough from the beginning. There’s a question that I kept asking myself:¬†What is my brand?¬†

It has taken quite some time for me to figure out what my purpose of joining the blogger life! ¬†I had trouble deciding what content or theme I will be constantly blogging about… There we’re so many ideas I want to create and push my name out there in the world. Because why the hell not? I believe younger generation¬†have the power to show all of our passions through social media. We have the voice that connects us to other people across the world. Whether if it’s videos to make us laugh to get through our day, exploring the world or, even serious issues we should be aware of.

Now, I want to first explain where everything began… I have been wanting to start making videos, post all these cools ideas on Instagram, write about stuff that I am deeply passionate about. Everything just felt so overwhelming at first. I knew I wanted to post or make videos on fitness although, I am not an expert of fitness. I wanted to document my own personal journey of becoming stronger and healthier. So, then I hit a bump on the road.. where I completely did nothing that’s right. I was stuck in limbo.

After doing some soul searching, I realize I don’t just solely want to make my brand about fitness because it made me feel very limited of being creative. (Mind you this took me ¬†several months to brainstorm “what my brand is? what my logo will be? what’s catchy and unique name’ ) So many questions that were running through my mind. Also,¬†I always wanted to start a travel diaries since I always have the urge to explore the world even if I can’t right now since, I’m so busy with school and work.

All of this lead me to create a slogan for myself to remind me of what my sole purpose is. Which is, I’ll always be¬†evolving to something greater than I never thought I get to be. The slogan I created was¬†Endlessly creating myself.

After this, a close friend of mine pitch me an idea of naming my brand Infinite creation.

This saying or name gave me inspiration something that will pump up. Mostly, to push myself to always live creatively and innovatively. How is it that I want to¬†show the world my passions if I’m not even taking the time and effort to post any content.

Suddenly, an idea popped into my head like fireworks!! That ultimately my brand is called Madsrad Movement and I am completely excited and ecstatic that the universe granted me to pursue my dreams.

Madsrad Movement

I’m so happy I can finally show this to everyone!¬†


This is only just the beginning for me. I still have a long way to go and a lot more to experience and figure out what I will be posting. Also, surrounding myself with positive vibes and having a great support system in life is what will help me achieve these wild dreams of mine. Radiate the good vibes and the universe will definitely give back what you are asking for!

Behind the scenes of making this amazing shoot by John Ponce:

Original VLOG РGoodnight LA: Goodnight LA by @PetersonSim 

Much love,


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