How to remain motivated after a bump on the road

Welcome back, Everyone!

I know it’s been awhile since my February Self-Love Challenge post… I’ve recently hit a bump on the road where I lacked inspiration. But that doesn’t mean the challenge I did was not a complete fail because everyday I’m trying to practice self-love and mindfulness. However, this month of March will be different. I recently gave up fast food for lent since I always opt for fast food whenever I’m rushing out the door to go to class. We are all guilty of this sadly. So, I started to meal prep the night before my classes start which is Monday. Before the idea of meal prepping seemed mind boggling because I did not want waste my time. Secondly, it’s easy to get bored of eating the same food everyday. There were so many excuses I told myself that I’m going to change from now on. Now, I’m not an expert at meal prepping or a nutritionist but in due time I’ll become a great cook. I first created a board on my Pinterest to help me find ideas for cooking. Most of the time I eyeball my measurements when it comes to prepping my food. I tend to cook for 1-2 days worth of food.

In this series, I’ll bring you along with me in this health & fitness journey. Simple easy ways to happy clean eating! Plus, we save money from wasting on fast food. Home cooked meals are always better than greasy fast food. Also, learning how to cook is the fun part even though it takes patience to wait. I can’t waith to expand our cooking experience with together.

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