Maddie on the go: Philippines

Last time we spoke I was preparing for my trip to Philippines. I’ve been so busy exploring my mother land that I haven’t been able to share some details with you guys! So, let’s begin this travel diary series:

Initially, when I first arrived me and my sister visited my dad’s province. His name is Desiderio, I’m truly thankful to have a wise man in my life to guide throughout my life and still presently. My dad’s province is in Nueva Ecijia called Papaya City. A province or also known as probinsya are little towns away from the main city. There you’ll find many locals living simply and happily with what they have. Seeing how locals are able to find ways to meet ends was eye opening. It’s easy to forget how I blessed my life has been living in America. I’ve neglected to appreciate the little moments I have with my family and where I come from. Growing up, my father would always give me “talks” but I always saw it as lectures… He would preach of our Filipino culture to never forget of who I am. The elementary and high school my father attended was not much. Actually, it’s an old building with big windows to let the air breeze come through the classrooms. It’s hard to imagine learning in a hot/humid classroom during summer. Now, that I’ve grown up I’m able to understand all of those teachings he would give me… to never take my school for granted. We may not be the richest families living in Beverly Hills but we’re able to live comfortably & happily due to my parents working hard for their children’s success in the future. Life isn’t about what’s the latest trends or who has the latest technology. I am guilty of forgetting my priorities in life. I can never thank my parents enough for sacrificing their lives for me and my sister. From moving to Saudi Arabia to America to better our lives.


After, visiting my dad’s province. I was finally reunited with my grandmother Filomena Medina (my mother’s mom).  Whom I haven’t seen my lola (means grandmother Tagalog) for nearly 13 years since I left the Philippines. I’ll forever cherish the time I spent with her during my visit. She made me laugh by sharing her stories of my mom & her other children. I can definitely say her charismatic personality shows that I am a blood of Callejas! I’m proud to be raised by amazing parents.


It’s been a pleasure to visit the Philippines. I can’t wait to come back to the Philippines to visit!

Until next time everyone!

This is dedicated to my parents and my Lola 💖


Thank you for raising me a strong woman!

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