Mads on the Go: Boracay

Kamusta! (Hello in Tagalog)

I’ll be posting a separate blog travel diary dedicated to my trip to the Philippines. Please be on the look out for that I’d love for you to read what I have in store! One of the stops I had to make in the Philippines was Boracay! Boracay Island in the Philippines is paradise for certified beach and sun-worshippers around the world. Boracay continues to entice beach loving tourists to its sun bleached shores of powder-soft white sands that never get hot even in the afternoon sun. It’s definitely a place you have to experience for yourself!

It was time to have some fun in the sun!

I visited the beautiful beach of Boracay with my favorite cousin, Maan. We stayed at a beautiful hostel backpackers called Second Wind. If you decide to make a trip to Boracay while in the Philippines, I highly recommend this Second Wind! Some of the reasons why I love this place because of it’s unique ambience. At night, you’ll hear live band music across the street. It’s only a 5-7 minute walk from the beach. We stayed at our home away from home for 4 days and 3 nights. Here you’ll see the living space downstairs. For more information: Check out Second Wind

Although, the Boracay beach is highly commercialized and overcrowded it’s still worth the trip. The peak season is Summer (March-the end of May) so if you’re not a fan of big crowds, I’d avoid the summer!. My favorite part of this trip was the endless food we ate! I was able to treat myself to different kinds of food that I never thought I’d try including True Food Indian. I ordered the Chickpeas with Hummis Filafel! The delicious dish was a perfect light lunch to eat.  It so delicious a perfect light lunch to eat!  There’s also local spots that I highly recommend for anyone to visit: Real Coffee is located Station 3 boarder line Station 2. They are famous for the pastry Calamansi muffins! Calamansi or Kalamansi is a small, very round citrus fruit that’s everywhere in the Philippines. While Marianne and I were in Boracay, I treated her to a blissful massage and of course; we were starving afterwards. I ordered the Tuna melt from Real Coffee which is very tasty! Everything tasted so fresh not processed at all. My favorite part was the cheese not too runny. Also, the tuna was not fishy at all which I expected to be since it’s fresh off the boat. Last, but not lease, I recommend Spider House which is located pass Station 1.  This bamboo-built resort is nestled on the rocks of Diniwid Beach in Boracay surrounded by clear waters. Prepare yourself for a long beautiful walk on the beach! This place is a beautiful hidden gem. We were able to enjoy the beautiful Sunset while having our Mojitos!

Our trip to Boracay has come to an end and we are currently en route back to Manila.

Just a few tips for anyone wanting to visit Boracay:

  1. Prior to heading over, do your Research! (You should be doing research for any place!)
  2. It would be very helpful to know some Tagalog, have someone with you who speaks Tagalog, or even carry a pocket translator! Even though Filipinos are very friendly, some try to scam foreigners. So, be on the look out!
  3. Station 1 has far less people there so if you wanna swim without crowds, head there!
  4. When you’re visiting a foreign country like the Philippines, opt for bottled water at all times! The water there isn’t as filtered and can make you sick (you’ll spend time with the toilet rather than exploring).
  5. Enjoy Boracay! Relax on the beach, indulge in endless options of food, take a boat ride, and just enjoy yourself!

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