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I’m back on here yet again… I apologize for not being consistent with my blog posts. It’s truly hard to find inspiration and motivation when it comes to writing. Truth be told, I have a hard time balancing a lot of things in life when it comes to school, work and social life. Anyway, this post is not about me missing out on blog posts. This post is dedicated to Mother Earth. Before you decide not to read this which I hope you do… I only wish for all my viewers and readers to spend more time with nature. Being in the moment with nature. Before you even think about it, this isn’t just another hippy person ranting about protecting the environment. Let’s just get that out of the way! So without further ado, let me give you a back story before I splurge all the details on this trip.

Coming from a hard-working Immigrant family to America was tough on me. Although, my parents had always raised my sister and I to be strong intelligent women; life had its up and downs. Not a lot of people would know this since I don’t expose this side of my life. We often only post what looks good on social media to illustrate a perfect life.  Sadly, that’s the type of generation we are currently living in. If I used the term ‘brain washed‘ growing up in USA would be an understatement because anyone has the will power to change their window perspective. What I mean by this, my happiness focused on what were the latest fashion trends?, whose dating who?, when should we go out to have drinks? Little do I know all of this unnecessary values I wasted my money on started to add up very quickly. Mo money mo problems! For anyone, who knows me behind all the smiles and laughs was a negative/doubtful person. All the while, I thought I was ‘happy’; however, all the negative energy started to catch up to me. The negative energy we put out into the universe will multiple when it returns to us. For awhile, I never understood what’s the root of all this bad energy? What am I missing in life that I do not already have? Like any normal human beings we all have done things in life that we regret. Sometimes its easy for us to let go and sometimes it becomes our deepest monsters. However, I knew I had to find what I was missing in life because I needed to turn my life around. To find what my true purpose is on this planet.

john ponce

Photo Credits to: John Ponce

It wasn’t until I took Bio 6 Humans and the Environment in Mt. San Antonio College. For anyone, who is attending my college I highly recommend you take this class if you dare to change your window perspective. This semester our Bio 6 Lab gave me the opportunity to go on a three-day field trip to Carrizo Plain National Monument. It begins on a sunny day in Spring, April 21, 2017. Mind you, it was my first time going on a camping trip ever in my entire life. Looking back, it has become one of my favorite memories that I will forever cherish. However, I’m not able to disclose much of the details on this trip. I don’t want to ruin all the surprises for anyone who does decide to take this class. Therefore, I’ll just summarize what I got out of my experience.

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During my camping trip, I was able to see shooting stars at least six times! I even saw satellites from outer space roaming around which reminds me of a firefly. How you may ask? Well, when you traveled far enough from the city lights and it becomes very dark at night. When you look upon the sky, you’ll find in the atmosphere enriched with stars even the milky way. It’s been awhile since I last saw a shooting star that wasn’t a plane. It was such a cliche moment wishing upon a star because why the hell not!? I found myself being a little kid again. Later, we were told to close our eyes and listen to what the gifts of Mother Carrizo gives us. Once you opened your heart and listened… well, words can’t describe to how beautiful and peaceful the sounds were. I’ve never felt so connected to a natural world that I have never been too. It was one of the first moments of my life when I had a real epiphany. Truly, our professors made sure to light the fire in our asses during this trip. Hence, to get us millennials to fight for what truly matters in this world. Protecting and saving our Mother Earth. There’s so much for us to do but where do we begin? There’s no right or wrong ways when it comes to starting. The first step is action. Now, I don’t always make the best environmental decisions but anyone can start anywhere even if it’s a little progress. It only takes 7-10% of the population to make a huge difference in our community. This upcoming years will continue to change our lives either for the better or worse. All of us have to stand up and continue to fight for earth’s justice. Mother Nature needs all of us to be hands on deck.

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I may have not gone further into great scientific detail about the Carrizo trip; however, all I know is it has truly inspired me to reconnect with nature more often. I finally found what I’m truly passionate about, it’s not just being healthy or fit that will satisfy my soul. It’s about disconnecting from the material world that we live in to go find peace. All of us need to spend time alone. Throughout our lives, we require time away from daily duties and those things that demand our deliberate attention. Starting as small children, we need periods to meditate, daydream, or reflect upon things we have sensed or learned directly or indirectly. These times are not only needed to reinforce previous experiences and to order our thoughts, but to allow subconscious thoughts to come into conscious grasp. Without frequent periods free from external bombardment, we stand little chance of developing a certain awareness, perspective, and understanding of ourselves.

Today’s world offers fewer and fewer times and places to temporarily escapes our immediate needs and idle our inds. Natural setting that create conducive conditions for reflection are rapidly fading, even in the coutryside. Waking hours, excellent times for random thought activity, are invariably taken up by the hectic rush to meet daily obligations. The material world has left little time for the mind, except for those who use theirs to make money, and many bodies are being placed in their graves that had minds that never contemplated or groped with their existence, life, purpose, inner thoughts, or came to understand themselves or others.

Mother Earth is hurting. And she needs a generation of thoughtful, caring and active kids like all of us to protect her future. 

The greatest threat to our planet is that the belief someone else will save it.

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Take a quite walk with Mother Nature, it will nurture your mind, body and soul.


Now you’re at the end of this blog post… you might be thinking what the heck did I just read? That was a waste of my time. Well it wasn’t because the purpose of this post was to spread awareness of what we’re doing to the only world we will ever live in. This is dedicated to Gaea—The greatest goddess in Greek history Mother Earth and Children of our future. Our phones is only a distraction and a temporary happiness that will soon fade away if we don’t start making actions. Conservation is not a luxury, or an optional practice, but is one of the essentials for survival. When man destroys nature, man is actually destroying himself. 

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